Hi, I am Moj Mahdara and I consider myself a perpetual student. As a Non-binary disruptor by nature, I look to constantly push boundaries and challenge societal norms. In this podcast, we will go on a learning journey together. Learning from experts in their fields; no topic is off the table. At times, your buttons are going to be pushed and you may be nudged out of your comfort zone. We know that being exposed to new and different ideas is important and necessary, so let’s Reset the Algorithm together.

As we cultivate this community, we want to hear from you! We want to hear your thoughts on our work, know the questions that come up for you when you hear our content, and also learn from your lived experiences. We know our listeners are a varied and diverse group, you are an invaluable part of this work, and we would benefit from your input. Use our anonymous form to share your thoughts and stories, who knows, maybe they will be featured in a future episode!

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Episode 18

In this episode of Artist 2 Artist, Patrisse Cullors sits down with Iranian artist Shahrzad Changalvaee, to explore the role of art in the act of resistance under oppressive powers. Shahrzad shares her background and the experience of realizing one is an artist under the limiting and oppressive demands of the Iranian government during her childhood. In her early years as an artist, she was taught that "limitations beget creativity", and while there is value in those words for many of us who forsake our everyday freedom of expression, Patrisse and Shahrzad discuss the fortitude one must cultivate in order to question the sources that offer the words we internalize as artists, as an important step to individuation and independent expression, especially when art inevitably finds its way to becoming itself an act of resistance. Explore the use of language, in art and beyond, Patrisse and Shahrzad emphasize the power of the artist to build coalition, change, abolitionist practices and challenge the regimes that seek to silence or appropriate the artistic voice. Being an artist from Iran, under a restrictive government, may have been Shahrzad's beginnings, but in her work, she revolutionized her self expression and found the power of her voice and ability to create for not only herself, but the culture she wants to celebrate. In this episode, Patrisse and Shahrzad discuss how background and cultural identity play, effect, and cultivate an artist's identity, and the deeply personal journey of finding mediums and language to ensure that the perception of the art, matches its intent; "The artist is like a shapeshifter. The artist is the through line." Using collage, metal sculpture, photography and beyond, Shahrzad offers her art and story to us as itself an act of resistance, and reminds us that while limitations may present opportunity, the language we use both within ourselves and how we choose to express our unique perspective to others, is truly the choice that translates the most healing and revolutionary power, right from the source.
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Episode 17

This week on Reset the Algorithm, we talk with Omar Barghouti, the Co-founder of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) a Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality. The clarity and focus with which Omar expresses the goals of Palestinian Liberation is incredibly admirable. With this organization, they aim to utilize peaceful tactics to place pressure on repressive institutions in an effort to end complacency and free the Palestinian people from occupation. From his time at Columbia University in 1985, where he participated in anti-Apartheid protests and encampments to his thoughts on the encampments of college campuses today, Omar and Moj discuss what it means to resist and how we can truly bring about change through nonviolent strategies. It is not lost on us that conversations like this are challenging for some to hear and that those with different lived experiences might find the topics covered to be very difficult to process. Exposure does that. Our goal with this program and the entire mission of our organization is to be in conversation with EVERYONE, to talk through the lived experiences of MANY, and to break out of our algorithmic echo-chambers. This process is inherently uncomfortable and painful. We know, because it is for us too. But now more than ever, we must listen, we must learn and we must show grace, so that we can move forward in building a world that is safe and fair and healthy for ALL OF US. We know it isn’t easy, but we trust that it is incredibly worth it, and we hope you join us in the journey. And if you feel so inclined to give us feedback or just want to share how you feel after listening, if you are proud of us, or mad at us, or want to tell us off…we really really want to hear from you! Use our anonymous link and share your thoughts with us!
"Moj, thank you for this conversation and for creating this space. If the conversation with Alon-Lee Green is setting the tone for what is to come, I am here for it. This may be the space I've been desperate to find these last few months for so many reasons and in one conversation, you and Alon-Lee gave me a fresh gulp of oxygen to endure all that is going on around us. May we all look to build a *new* table together. Yes, yes, yes."


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